Thursday, June 3, 2010

Total Surrender

“There are certain burning questions every Christian must answer in total candor. Do you hunger for Jesus Christ? Do you yearn to spend time alone with him in prayer? Is he the most important person in your life? Does he fill your soul like a song of joy? Is he on our lips as a shout of praise? Or has he been smothered by distractions, nullified by pride? Do you eagerly turn to his memoirs, his Testament, to learn more of him? Do you thirst for the living water of his Holy Spirit? Are you making the effort to die daily to anything and everything that inhibits, diminishes, or threatens your friendship with him?... that will happen only when we break away from the lives we have grown accustomed to living, lives ruled by our desires for security, pleasure, and power. It is these desires that hold us back from recognizing the truth of our need for God’s mercy. It is these desires that prevent us from peeling off the filmy residue of our lives without God and prevent transparency.” Compiled from The Importance of Being Foolish by Brennan Manning
What exactly do you hope to accomplish on your journey or mission next week? Why are you going on this trip? Was it to make a difference in the life of a child; a community; maybe a country? Or, was it to make a difference in your life? In all honesty, I hope your desire is for all of the above. I hope and pray that while you are impacting those around you that this trip will be a time of spiritual revival for you as well. I hope this trip will be an opportunity for you to find yourself, to grow closer to God, and to renew your spiritual strength.

For me, a mission trip always serves as a chance to re-visit my priorities in life. What things are controlling my time, my energy and my passion? Each morning during our trip, as well as the days leading up to the trip, I hope you we will take a hard look in the mirror to determine more about yourself, as I do the same. Remember, before we can show His love to others, we must fully understand what His love means to us.

Be blessed. Aspire to new heights!

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David Burk said...

Hey John, I am a friend of Jimmy and Annelle Gault. They are on the trip with you from Pioneer Drive. I will be following and praying for you as you pursue Total Surrender in your life. God bless and keep it going forward.
David Burk