Friday, June 11, 2010

A day to celebrate

What a glorious day the team had. We began by allowing our village team to observe our orphanage team in action. What a joy it was to see them in action. The children responded so well. Relationships have obviously been forged the past five days. This was never more obvious that when we heard two separate stories of salvation that took place at the orphanage today. Praise the Lord! At the conclusion of our time we were able to gift two large suitcases full of medicine and humanitarian aid. We were also able to gift a large amount of cleaning supplies at the director’s request. Director Teodoru response was one of extreme appreciation. He went on to extend an open invitation to the team to return any time they want to work with the children. He said, “Our children obviously love your team. We welcome you bank any time. Please come back.” How do you respond in any other way but to say “We will return.” I broke my first rule of missions. Never make a promise unless you can guarantee to keep it. So my challenge to each of you is to help me keep that promise. I’ll be accepting applications soon!

Upon our return to Susani I was blessed with the chance to travel with Ovidiu to the numerous villages to pick up children. During our ride he told me that there are over 2,800 children in 20 plus cities within a 50 mile radius of Susani. What a mission field. We would drive down the dirt streets of these villages and children would run out of their houses to catch our vans. Ovidiu and Adina obviously have a following and our desire is to reach as many of these 2,800 children as possible. Think of the lives that could be impacted for His Kingdom with that many new missionaries in Romania.

After VBS in the village our VBS team decided they would walk around the corner and assist the construction team. It was so awesome to watch men, women, and children all carry brick. Our team worked in unison as the exterior walls continued to rise. Our time is soon ending but this team is determined to leave their mark.

Tonight we had a special time of sharing. It is always great to hear stories from each team. After our sharing time we shared the Lord’s Supper together. What a blessing it was to do this with Romanians and Americans. After that we presented each translator with a gift. Finally we were able to show our appreciation to Ovidiu. Three members of our team washed Pastor Ovidiu’s feet as a sign of humility and appreciation. They then placed a brand new pair of West Texas cowboy boots on his feet. I’ve seen Ovidiu smile, but I’m not sure I’ve ever seen him smile that big. As happy as he was to receive these boots I’m not sure they can even come close to show him our love and appreciation for the work he has done, not just with this team, but in years past to pave the way for this ministry. Ovidiu, you inspire me. I truly hope you inspire those reading. Aspire to new heights.

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