Thursday, June 10, 2010

Just the right tools for the job

“Don’t arrive with your spear if you need to be plowing.” Michael Watkins

This is one of my favorite quotes of all time. How often do we try to put a round peg in a square hole? We think we have all the answers, just move out of our way and let us show you. I’ve been honored this past week to work with 40 of the humblest, hardest working Americans I’ve ever worked with. Each member of the Pioneer Drive Baptist Church team brought the exact right tool for the job, as well as the perfect servant attitude to put that tool to use.

I made a big mistake packing for this trip. I did not pack near enough comfortable work clothes. I definitely did not pack the appropriate work shoes. These guys and gals on the other hand came completely prepared, armed with a can do, flexible attitude. I was honored to spend the afternoon with our construction team. After 15 minutes I had my shirt off (don’t worry I had on a t-shirt under it). To be honest I had to wrap it around my head to catch all the sweat! It was approximately 95 degrees today without a trace of West Texas wind. Our job today was to move large brick (by hand) so that our brick layers could erect the exterior wall of the House of Joy. As time progressed we developed an assembly line with 10 plus guys passing bricks from one person to the next in an effort to keep up with our six brick layers. In 12 hours we moved and the brick layers placed an entire truck load. It was the perfect example of teamwork. I’m please to say that over a fourth of the exterior wall was erected today!

Prior to joining these guys we took a group to tour a private Christian school in Lugoj and to take a brief tour of the city. Upon our return the Susani VBS team continued to do marvelous things with the children. We were blessed again with a great turnout. As expected the orphanage team continues to build quality relationships with the children. Several older kids are even participating and attempting to build relationships with the team. What a reason to celebrate.

We are sad that tomorrow will be our last day of VBS. We will make a presentation of Humanitarian Aid and cleaning supplies to the orphanage director. Saturday will be a special day of celebration. I’ll fill you in tomorrow. Thanks so much for praying for our team and for reading the blog. God has blessed us with a wonderful trip. We could not have asked for better conditions and a better response. I look forward to sharing pictures and stories with many of you in person over the coming weeks. Until then, aspire to new heights.

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