Tuesday, June 8, 2010

A note from a trip participant

Danny Barefield is the Minister of Music for Pioneer Drive Baptist Church. This is his second trip to Romania.

What an awesome experience to come to Romania for this mission endeavor. Today we completed the prep work to lay the remaining concrete slab for the “House of Joy” in Susani. The concrete was supposed to come but was delayed by a failure in electricity at the plant. Hopefully in the morning things will move faster and more work can be accomplished. Though we were dissapointed, we were able to observe other members of our team hard at work. We watched the children play, observe Bible stories, sing and do crafts. Over the day the team hosted more than 100 children. I was able to sit down at the keyboard with Sammy (15) who plays drums and Raul (13) who plays guitar and have a little jam session. The most enjoyable part of the day for me.

The people are amazing. There is such a sweet spirit among the people of Romania and they have been so receptive. This is a relationship that will not conclude after this trip, but will continue for years to come.

While this is not the type of work I ever do, it has been fun to work with those who do. It has also been a joy to work alongside my other church members all together for the same cause. I am thankful for a mission hearted church.

We appreciate your prayers and support. Blessings, Danny Barefield.

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