Monday, June 14, 2010

Not the end, just the beginning

Many wonderful things have happened the past few days. As I briefly mentioned in my previous blog, we had a wonderful celebration on Saturday night at the House of Joy construction sight. Over 250 adults and children from 10 plus villages joined our team to celebrate the work that had been done and to commemorate this marvelous project. It was so great to dream with our Romanian brothers and sisters about the day we can actually dedicate a completed House of Joy. This “community center” will serve as a beacon of hope to over 2,800 children and their families from 20 plus villages around Susani. Ovidiu and I have dreamed of the day we will complete this facility so that we can host VBS and Medical teams to serve these communities. We will also have a place for the children to play soccer and basketball and to receive educational support from our computer room and classrooms. We will be able to provide family support via a social worker that can teach life skills to the parents and assist them with vocational skills that will assist them in meeting the needs of their children. The sky is the limit as to what we can do with this marvelous facility.

On Sunday we were able to stop at Timisoara with the team on our way to Budapest. We spent several hours touring the city center and seeing where the revolution began. We shared a meal together and then we continued on to Budapest. Today marks our last official day of this trip. The team will tour Budapest and spend some time fellowshipping together. Tonight we will celebrate with a traditional Hungarian meal and one last time of sharing as a group. I’m sad to see this trip end but so excited and optimistic about what the future holds.

I left America not knowing exactly what God would do with this trip and what His plans were for this ministry. It was wonderful to pray, dream, and plan with a number of my friends and fellow servants the past few days. I have no doubt God has great things in plan for this ministry. I trust He will continue to do great things upon our return. I have no doubt tomorrow will not be the end of something great but rather just the beginning of something even bigger. I ask that you join me in praying about this future. I welcome you to send me a personal email at if you have any questions or would like more information.

Thank you again for following this trip through my blog. What an honor it has been to provide feedback. I’ll continue to provide updates via this blog in regards to Ovidiu and Adina and the wonderful work that will continue in Susani. Thanks again. Until we meet, aspire to new heights.

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Denese said...

Love reading of your trip and how God has worked.
OK where did you get the blow up horse?