Friday, June 4, 2010


It’s been a long road to get to today. You’ve had a chance to hear from both Todd and Ovidiu. I hope it is very obvious how excited the three of us are about this trip, as well as the future. We are still in the “wherever He leads” phase of this ministry (if you want to call it that). We have no idea what the future holds. However, we are super excited that Pioneer Drive has chosen to join us in Romania. Our prayer is that God will continue to reveal His plans during this trip and guide us towards the future. We appreciate your participation either as a trip participant, financial supporter, or prayer partner. I’m off to the airport to head over a day early to make sure all the details are ready for the trip. For those of you leaving tomorrow, I’ll see you at the Budapest Airport on Sunday.

For those following along from home, I'll do my best to post updates as often as possible.

Until then, be blessed. Aspire to new heights! Jon, Todd, and Ovidiu

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Leslie said...

Have a safe and blessed trip my friend, how my heart is sad that I was not able to join this trip so I shall live it through you. I look forward to reading updates.