Wednesday, June 2, 2010

A friend for life

One of the many advantages to starting a new life in a new place as far away as Romania is that you meet wonderful people from all over the world. We met people in Timisoara from India, Africa, Australia, the UK, the US, and many other places. Odds are you never would have met those people! Kacee and I are so lucky to be able to call the Long Family our friends. Shortly after we moved to Timisoara we were invited to a lunch after church. Todd, Lisa, Mikie, and Emma were at that lunch as well. Over the next few weeks we got to know each other really well. The Longs happened to live just a few blocks away from us. Over time we included each other in our ministries. Todd helped me teach my classes on several occasions and I was fortunate enough to spend time with his high school students as well. Most important of all, I introduced Todd and Lisa to Ovidiu and Adina. Once we moved home, Todd and Lisa were able to remain very close with Ovidiu and Adina.

Time and circumstances usually draw friends apart. However, our bond over Romania (especially our love for Susani and Ovidiu and Adina) has kept us close. As I returned on more than one occasion to Romania with mission teams I always included Todd. He was right there by my side to assist in leading the groups. He’s a wealth of knowledge and a joy to be around. For those of you going on our trip, you will truly enjoy your time with Todd. I must say he is one of my best friends. We are blessed to be partnering together to help Ovidiu and Adina. Only God knows what the future holds.

I’ve linked several of Todd’s blogs on Susani for your enjoyment. They will help you get to know him better. Until tomorrow, aspire to new heights!

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