Monday, May 18, 2009

Where are you

A friend recently posted on my blog asking where I was. I responded by asking him if he had a map. It's been one of those months. I'm blessed by my job and the opportunity to be a voice for those that have no voice. But the travel does wear on you. I've been in so many meetings I just could not find the strength to blog when I got to the hotel. To be honest, I'm really not blogging today. I've even considered taking my blog off. However, I don't want to just yet. At least not until I give my wife props one more time.

Earlier today I was taking a short break between thank you notes to let my pen cool off. During this time I decided to read Kacee's blog. She doesn't give herself enough credit but she's a great communicator. Honestly, she conveys the message much better than I do. For that reason, I hope you will read her latest blog (May 11). Not only is it inspiring, it really is my life mission. She just says it better than me!

I'm not going to promise I will blog any time soon. I'm not even going to promise I won't just take this thing off. Who knows where tomorrow will lead! Blessings. Aspire to new heights.