Tuesday, June 1, 2010

A Message from Ovidiu

Hello again from Romania. Let me share a few things about our ministry that God gave us here in the western side of Romania. After my wife and I graduated in 2004, God opened a door for us to work for Him in this area in the village of Susani, a very small village of just 250 people. In the last 5 years and a half we were able to share the gospel with lots of people in our village and in the surrounding villages. Our heart is for the young people of Romania that desperately need Christ. During this time we saw young people coming to Christ, being baptized and now are following Christ in faithfulness. Our greatest joy in the ministry is represented by our disciples, a group of young people that took the responsibilities that we had 5 years ago. Because of them and the biblical strategy of discipleship we were able to reach more children, teenagers and young people in the whole area where we serve.

We have a Thursday night church service with our people of Susani. Every Friday we meet with the teenagers in our area. A team of young men that my wife and I invested in are responsible for conducting this meeting. Every Saturday there is a meeting in Susani with many children from many villages (approximately 12). We pick them up in our vans and bring them here where they learn about Jesus, sing, play, are doing crafts, having fun. God gave us a vision that is bigger than our potential and possibilities. We are amazed of how God leads us and brings people on our way to be a part of this vision that we love to call the House of Joy, because where God is there is joy. Our vision is to take the Gospel’s message to many people around us during this generation through the specific ways He gave us for these times . Christ brings joy to the world and by grace we are His instruments in this generation that needs the joy of his Word.

The visit of the people at Pioneer Drive Baptist Church of Abilene, Texas, in the second week of June is a tremendous blessing that can be considered a miracle from God. We are anxious to see them serving God in Gavojdia orphanage (25 miles away from Susani), working on the House of Joy property (building the walls of the House of Joy Center) and having VBS with the children in Susani area (more than 12 villages).

As my good friend Jon always says to end, “aspire to new heights” and we will see you soon.

Ovidiu Patrick

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