Thursday, May 27, 2010

The Power of Prayer

Philippians 4:6 “Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.”

One of the greatest blessings our ministry and trip can receive is prayer. I’m so grateful to know that each trip participant has a prayer partner praying behind the scenes for our trip. I’m also blessed to know that a group will be gathering tonight to lift our trip up in prayer. I wanted to take a few minutes to list a few specific requests in hopes that you will add them to your prayer list.

  1. Safe Travel – Pray for save travel to and from the airport and Abilene. Pray for a safe flight. Pray for our travel in Hungary and Romania.
  2. Volcano – We are all aware of the volcano situation in Iceland and what impact it can have on our travels. Pray for a good West Texas wind to push the ash cloud North!
  3. Weather – Pray for good weather leading up to our trip so that the foundation for the House of Joy will be completed. Pray for good weather during our trip so that we will be able to continue construction and so we will be able to build relationships with the children as we spend time with them outdoors.
  4. In Country Team – Lift up our in country hosts. Pray for Ovidiu, Adina, Ruben, Danny, Delia, and our many volunteers, partners, and translators.
  5. Trip Leaders – Pray for Jon, Todd, and Nathan as they continue to finalize details for the trip and lead the team during our time in Romania as well.
  6. Pastors – Lift up Pastor Stan and Pastor Ovidiu as they share His word on a daily basis, both as our team leaders, and at local churches each night.
  7. Health and Rest – Pray for the physical and mental health of each team member. Pray that everyone will remain healthy and strong and that jet lag and different food types will not have a bearing on anyone’s health.
  8. Orphanage – Lift up the children we will be working with at the orphanage. Pray they will see the face of Jesus in each team member. Pray for their future. Also lift up the staff and volunteers that work to make life easier for these children.
  9. Susani – Lift up the village of Susani. Pray for His word to spread through the members of this community. Pray they will go forth from this village and be witnesses throughout Romania and other countries as well. Pray they will be receptive to our work and adopt it as their own.
  10. Longevity of Ministry – Pray that the seeds planted during this trip will be long lasting. Pray for the House of Joy community center and the impact it will have for years to come. Pray for those that will be left behind to continue the ministry. Pray for the future of the orphanage and the children we will be serving in the orphanage.
  11. Ministry Partners – Pray for our existing ministry partners in Romania and the US. Pray that God will continue to bring forth individuals and churches willing to serve in Romania.

For additional information on Romania and ways to pray for our host country visit the following link (Pray for Romania).

Thank you for joining us on this journey. Aspire to new heights.

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