Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Making Connections

There is no truer statement than “Hindsight is always 20-20.” Looking back over the past 10 years and the relationships God has blessed us with fully confirm this statement. I’ve already shared with you in previous posts about my first two visits to Romania. However, it was not until my third visit that several key relationships would be established that are still playing a role in our lives today.

Upon my return from Romania as an intern I decided I wanted to go back to school and complete my doctorate. During that time I really wanted to return to Romania and conduct my dissertation research on Romanian agriculture. Through a friend of a friend I met a man by the name of Mike Attaway. Mike was an agricultural missionary and he was actually going on a trip to Romania during Spring Break. I decided to go on this trip with Mike. Sparing you many of the details, this was where I first met Daniel Olariu and the first time I visited Susani.

These relationships might have seemed similar to all other relationships. However, three years later Daniel assisted me in finding a teaching job in Romania. Daniel also served as our guardian angel while we lived in Romania. Most important of all, Daniel exposed us to Susani (and introduced us to Ovidiu and Adina, more on that another day). Susani became our home away from home. The people of this great village adopted me and Kacee and treated us like natives. Now some five years later I finally have the chance to return the favor. I cannot wait to see so many familiar faces. I’m so excited to be returning to work with the children of Susani and to partner with the natives of Susani in building the House of Joy community center.

I’m thankful for those of you that are joining us on this adventure. I’m thankful for those of you that have also helped financially. I’m especially thankful for those of you that have committed to pray for this ministry.

Aspire to new heights.

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