Friday, May 28, 2010

More than a partner

I’ll never forget the first time I met Ovidiu and Adina. Kacee and I had been living in Romania probably no more than two months. Our good friend Daniel invited us to a Romanian wedding. What a cultural experience. I’m not much of a wedding guy! (other than my own, of course!) Therefore my opinion may be a bit off regarding this experience. However, I do recall a service that took several hours (and we didn’t understand any of it). Anyhow, after a lengthy ceremony we joined close family and friends for a reception. This was a little more to my liking. Over the next three to four hours we ate and ate and ate. Just when you thought you could not eat any more, they brought out the cake! Anyhow, I digress.

As we entered the reception Daniel sat me and Kacee across from Ovidiu and Adina and said, “Sit here, they know English!” The rest as they say is history. We struck up an immediate friendship. For those of you that know Ovidiu and Adina you will agree with me that you cannot help but be drawn to this wonderful Christian family. For those that do not, I hope you soon find out.

Ovidiu serves as the pastor for the Baptist church in Susani. He is a loving shepherd for his people. What sets Ovidiu and Adina apart from all the others is the fact that they are so committed to the future of the young people of Romania. On more than one occasion they have gathered via van and bus over 300 youth from numerous surrounding villages. Now if one truly believes that the future of Romania is the young people, how could you not want to partner with Ovidiu and Adina?

Aspire to new heights!

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