Sunday, August 8, 2010

An Update from Ovidiu

I’m excited that Ovidiu has delivered me a message to pass on to each of you. I cannot think of a greater person to work with in Romania or anywhere in the world for that matter. His heart (and the heart of his family) inspires me. I yearn to help Ovidiu, Adina, Ruben, Dani, and their many disciples, have the resources they need to fulfill their calling. My yearning is so great I have no doubt it is my calling as well. Enjoy their updates. Pray for their ministry. Consider how you can be involved. We need your prayers. We need your financial support. We need you personally. I do hope this update will inspire you. Aspire to new heights---Jon

Please Come in February
Romania needs Jesus. There is an abundance of religion in Romania and in the midst of it we need Jesus more than ever. We pray for a new generation that will find the truth, grow in the truth, love the truth, and give it to others. People in Romania live in ignorance regarding the truth of God and this ignorance leaves them without hope. Two years ago when Franklin Graham organized a huge crusade in Timisoara they named it The Festival of Hope. Why? Because they realized that the Romanian people do not have hope. People in Romania need hope; a hope that lasts forever, not one just for a season. When people do not have hope they do not rejoice. Their joy is missing. When people find God, they find joy, an abundant joy, as He intended.

As a pastor in Romania, I challenge you to come and help us bring the truth back to the hearts of the people of my country. They can hear it, but they can ignore it. What we want to do is to see the truth changing lives, bringing fruit, making a difference in society, unleash the eternal joy. How can we do that in an effective way? By investing in disciples. We have around 35 teenagers that we consider our disciples and the more we invest with the truth in their lives the more we can see the change in our country. Romania’s hope and only real joy is around discipleship in the Word of God. We want to do that on this side of the country where God called us to work for Him.

We invite you to be part of our work in February as we continue the tradition of investing in the lives of these young people through our Winter Camp 2011. This year marks our fifth year and we want it to be special. Jon, our team and I invite you to join us in this effort of bringing the truth to the hearts of our people in a special environment. We will be hosting our camp in Brasov this year, one of the most beautiful and historical places in Romania. Pray for us as we prepare for this camp. Pray for resources, for people to come, for great weather, for protection, and for a great time in the Word of God. If you would like more information about our camp, contact Jon at

A short update on the House of Joy
God continues to bless us as we build the House of Joy. I will give you very few words to tell you how much progress we make but want to leave you with some pictures at the conclusion of my update. The walls for the first floor are almost complete. We still have two workers that are slowly finishing the first floor. We have joy that we have made this progress but we also have sadness as we wait to raise more money so we can continue the project. Once we have additional money in hand we will be able to put the floor on the second floor or the ceiling on the first floor. Then all we will have to do is purchase doors and windows and we can begin finishing things on the inside. God has blessed this project more than we ever thought he would this first year. We are so excited about the future. We cannot wait to begin using the facility. However, we know it is only a building and it cannot make our ministry. At the same time we are able to continue doing great things in the area while we wait for this building to be finished. Until He Comes---Ovidiu

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