Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Technology Today

Saturday I found myself in my office sitting in front of my computer watching the Men’s NCAA tournament while watching the NASCAR Nationwide race on the T.V. and a horse race on my I-Pad. Occasionally I would flip the channel to the Women’s NCAA tournament. I also had Twitter open so I could keep track of the race and games from a different perspective. I don’t think this is what they had in mind when they labeled it “March Madness” but it was a little mad!

A few hours later I was able to watch the following video from my good friend Ovidiu on the grounds of the House of Joy as he requested prayers and support for the building of a basketball court in Susani.

Isn’t technology amazing? I can be half way across the world in Romania and never miss a call, text, or email with my smart phone. I can read my Bible on my iPad. I even read an article a few months ago about an app on the iPhone that will keep track of your sins so you can be better prepared to repent. However, in a world filled with technology there are still simple things that can have a lasting impact; things like a basketball court in the middle of a poverty stricken village.

No doubt technology could do a world of good and we have a number of plans that involve technology. But this simple basketball court has the ability to capture the attention of 2,500 families in a 30 mile radius. That attention can lead to lives impacted for the Kingdom. This court can provide a platform for programs, messages, and assistance that truly could end poverty in rural Romania.

Would you consider making a donation today? Every dollar counts. We can’t do it without you. Aspire to new heights.

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