Monday, July 26, 2010


“The greatest gift you can give your children is not your riches, but revealing to them their own.” – Max Lucado

One of the things I love the most about my dear friends Ovidiu and Adina is the fact that that they would give the shirt off their back to help their fellow neighbors. However, what I love even more is the fact that they are planting seeds in the lives of the future leaders of Romania by revealing to them their own gifts and abilities. Instead of giving them a gift that will have a short term return they give them something that will truly last.

Earlier this year Ovidiu and Adina (with the help of Ruben and Dani) began a Bible study in Lugoj. Lugoj is a larger city approximately 30 minutes from Susani. This study began in Dani and Ruben’s apartment. After a short time their apartment was busting at the seams with eager Romanian students. One thing is obvious, whether it is a van transporting students to their house in Susani or an apartment Bible study the Patricks use every square inch available!

I’m pleased to report that this Bible study has now moved to another location that is more accommodating. One day a pastor in Lugoj asked Ovidiu what he was going to do if this “Bible Study” turned into an actual church. Ovidiu said, “Praise the Lord!” What a dumb question!

You see, this “Bible Study” or “Church” if you will is part of the greater vision of this ministry. As mentioned in my blog last week the goal of the House of Joy in Susani is to provide children with educational opportunities, while equipping them with life skills and the knowledge of Jesus Christ. By doing so we will make our best effort to break the cycle of poverty and raise-up a generation of educated, equipped leaders and servants of the Lord. This is a great vision but we would miss the entire point if we planted these seeds in the lives of future disciples and did not continue to walk alongside them while they grow and disciple. Afterall, some plant and some water!

Lugoj is the perfect location for a “support ministry” such as this. Most, if not all, of the children in the Greater Traian Vuia Community (Susani and the surrounding 25 plus villages) where Ovidiu and Adina work will attend high school in Lugoj. After investing years in the lives of these children it would be foolish not to continue this investment while they live in Lugoj. This is where the Lugoj Bible Study comes into play. It is a continuation of the investment we are making in the lives of these children. Think of it as compounding interest! Quiet simply it just makes since.

I’m thankful that Ovidiu, Adina, Ruben, and Dani took the time to continue their investment. I’m eager to watch this Bible study grow. I’m anxious to see what God does in the lives of those attending this study.

I hope you will join me in praying for this wonderful ministry. As you read this there is a team from FBC Euless and Next World Wide in Lugoj assisting in the growth of this Bible study. I hope to be able to provide you some updates of their success upon their return. Until then, keep them in your prayers and keep aspiring to new heights.

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