Thursday, February 12, 2009

A 30th worth remembering

If I told you we were all work and no play while living in Romania, I would be lying. Kacee and I both agreed that this was a chance of a lifetime on many fronts and we were not going to miss a one of them. So we sat aside a portion of our savings to make sure we saw as much of Europe as we could. One of my favorite trips was snow skiing in Davos, Switzerland. It was actually my 30th birthday (four years ago today) and Kacee decided this was a great way to celebrate. It was only about 12 hours drive from Timisoara and we had a team meeting in Budapest to attend a few days before. This only left eight hours on the road. The drive was picturesque. It was crazy but we actually spent as much time driving in tunnels through the mountains as we did on the road.

It’s a good thing the sights were worth seeing because the skiing was more than this flatlander could handle. Let’s put it this way; the Alps made Ruidoso look like a hill in the Texas Hill Country. The skiing was so, so hard. A green was as hard as any black I’ve gone down. Consequently, we asked for a reimbursement on our three day rental and just used one day! None-the-less we truly enjoyed walking around this skiing village. It is a trip I will not soon forget. Who knows, 40 is not that far away! Enjoy the pics. Aspire to new heights.

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